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Bluehost has been a reliable web-hosting site for many years now. Bluehost hosting provides easy access for hosting websites. The features provided by blue host are also worth mentioning. Bluehost web hosting leads the way in the hosting domain. All websites are up and running, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in bluehost web hosting. A person can know more about bluehost features in this Bluehost review given below.


Infinite Space

Blue host provides customers with an infinite amount of storage space. Customers can save large amounts of data from the viewer’s details to advertisements. Blue host features an impeccable up time for web sites, which is nearly a 100%. They are committed and motivated for customer service and support. All these data are safe and are protected with advanced encryption algorithms. The unlimited hosting features are quite popular with customers. You can host unlimited number of websites, there is no restriction on data bandwidth and space, you can also create unlimited email addresses and MySQL databases. But these features are available with higher level plans. Entry level plan restricts you to only 1 website. GoDaddy has similar unlimited hosting plans. Visit the following webpage for more on Godaddy hosting plans.


Infinite Transactions

Precious data can be moved to and from blue host, without any hassles. All these transactions are void of additional costs. Apart from this particular service, blue host provides an email account via Cpanel for each customer, in order to serve him or her better. If a website belongs to a manufacturing company, then the company has the necessity to be available through out the year. Blue host provides can be trusted for providing this service.


Customer Service

Blue host is the top most company in providing customer support and advice. All customer queries are answered then and there. If a client has any trouble, then the client can call a customer support executive to eliminate such troubles. Apart from calling a customer support executive the client may contact blue host’s customer service via email. Problems of all customers are first understood and then pertinent solutions are explained to them in a friendly manner. Since, we are discussing customer support, lets talk a little about customer support offered by Hostpapa, one of Bluehost’s competitor company. They offer support in over 20 different languages and have toll free numbers in all these countries. This is an example of what focused customer service calls for. Check out this Hostpapa coupon 2017 for more details.


Security and Privacy

Bluehost makes use of modern encryption algorithms to transfer data between the client’s machine and the visitor’s machine. All data are securely protected from eavesdroppers and packet modifiers. Some of the algorithms used are secure shell algorithm, file transfer protocols etc. Thus, the customers can rely on bluehost’s security and privacy algorithms.


Customer Support

For a new customer who has little or no experience in web site hosting; bluehost hosting serves a template from which the customer can develop their web site. This template is free of cost. You may refer to this guide for building your own blog on Bluehost hosting in 2017. For customers who have technical experience, blue host provides access for developing their own websites. They may also use web page development software such as HTML5, PHP etc. for developing their web sites.


Bluehost Pricing

Bluehost is the only web hosting organization, which provides service at a very low price. Blue host provides service at a nominal rate of $6.95 per month. For customers with a bluehost coupon, the cost of hosting will be lesser. Bluehost discounts the rate to $2.95 per month for customers with their best Bluehost web hosting coupon. These coupons are available on the Internet. Provided the security, safety and reliability of the blue host web hosting, this cost is worth paying for.


Blue Host Advantage

The services provided by blue host do not have any hidden costs. Bluehost is candid and transparent in the provision of these services. All customers are satisfied with the services provided by bluehost. Even if, a customer is not satisfied with the service, then money is refunded back to the customer.


Trusted by WordPress.org

Bluehost has been on the list of web hosting companies recommended by WordPress.org itself for several years. The company finds a mention on wordpress.org official website as one of the best web hosts for wordpress platform. That speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of service that the company brings to the table. Another web host that shares a place with Blue host on the list is Siteground. It is a relatively new company, but has gained substantial ground in web hosting niche and quite fast and remarkably. If you want to try Siteground hosting, use this Siteground Promo to secure 60% off.


Bluehost Competition

A2 Hosting presents a good competition to Bluehost in shared web hosting space. They also offer managed wordpress, cloud and VPS solutions. For more details about their plans and pricing, visit www.intairnet.org/hosting-coupons/a2hosting/.